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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Silvia Stagg Story Book

Most Trusted Programs - 'Make Pristine The World I' Remedies  'Solar' EMS/Electromagnetic Spectrum Frequency Problems - Orbital - Rotational - Tectonic Plate Movement - Suname - Volcanic Type Eruptions (A Necessary Release By Nature of Matter-Gas-Steam Due To Built Up Pressure) - Polar Axis Shift Issues/Problems of OUR Earth, all of which is daily monitored, videotaped, photographed and in part shown below by NASA:

Photographs Courtesy of NASA

 Sunspot and Flare

 March 5, 2012 download large image
(1 MB, JPEG, 2048x2048) 


Sunspot and Flare, March 2012

Above: Active Region 1429


Below: NASA VIDEOS On Solar Flares - Solar Issues - Climactic Changes

We Need To Maintain The Beautiful World In Which We Live

Above: photograph by Hans Wijker


Below: White House - Washington - D.C. The Home And Offices of The US President Sworn To Provide For  Our Constitutional Betterment, Defense and Posterity. Yet, Does Not Always Meet These Standards

above photograph by Zeid Derhally

Below: United States Capital - Washington, D.C.
Main Federal Building For US House and Senate Representatives For All Fifty States-US Territories Of The United States Of America

Above: photograph by Johnny B.

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City - Rome, Italy
For Thousands of years, the White Christian European Descent Race has struggled to acknowledge and enforce their Spiritual and Religious and Moral Values.  As our race developed socioeconomically, Constitutional Laws, originated from the Ten Commandments, progressed into English Common Law, leading to the next step, The Declaration of Independence, until finally our US Constitution with Constitutional Amendments, known as the Bill of Rights came to be created predominantly by the English, Irish, and Scottish, and other White Christian European Descent with their different languages, creating the USA's Great Melting Pot! 

File:Giovanni Paolo Panini - Interior of St. Peter's, Rome.jpg

Above: St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City - Rome, Italy

Below: Rio D'Genero, Brazil - Statue of Jesus 

The Love and Loyalty For Our Beloved Jesus Christ, Founder of the Christian Faith and Christian Religion Is Apparent In Many Forms!

Cemetary - Arlington, Virginia - We still have not learned to use our Advanced Technologies to prevent, Crime, Terrorism, Wars, nor Sedition!

Below: Jewish Holocaust Memorial
 Tragically, we allowed other Heinous Acts such as the systematic mass tortured murder and mass murder of millions of Human Beings of various faiths, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and Gypsies by Austria-Germany's Nazi President Adolph Hitler, a deranged man born of Christian-Jewish Parents


Other serious world problems present themselves daily, such as bombastic Solar Flares, Solar Storms, Solar Rays, Polar Axis Shifts, Orbital Changes-Decay, Tectonic Plate Movement, Radiation And All Pollutants Which Harm Land-Air-Sea

Above: photograph of 'Mount Everest' by Mischu Wirth 

Below: photograph by phillippee

We need to remember how important our beautiful altitudinal  atmosphere is, most importantly it sustains our lives, offers scientific fields of study, information, knowledge, wisdom technology, including long distance transportation, many forms of recreation (i.e. spiritual solitude at great heights), always nourishing ourselves, our ecosystem, our environment, our domestic cattle and wildlife!

Below: a lenticular cloud

Pinned Image

Below: Our (1900's) Turn of the Century Socioeconomic Infrastructure Has Created Pollution Of All Kinds-Including Air Pollution!

Below - Note: The First Hot Air Balloon (Derigible Balloon) Invented/Built and Flown on November 21-1783 By Montgolfier Brothers. Jean-Pierre Bjanchard Flew First Flight Untethered Crossing English Channel in 1785

Above: photograph by Anna Robertson

Below: Pollutants Harm All Water, Marine Life, and Our Coral Reefs 

Turtles also suffer from marine nets, traps, pollution (plastic bags are also ingested), poaching, and human abuse!

Our Countrys' Proud National Bird/Our Proud National Symbol - The Alaskan Bald Eagle Is Environmentally Endangered. The Bald Eagle mates only once in a lifetime and they require Pristine Wilderness Areas to Survive and Flourish. They Prefer Solitude!

photograph above by Mike Criss

Below: Our Baby Seals Are Endangered!

Below: Our Northern Polar/Southern Polar Ice Caps are Melting Endangering the Arctic Bear Due To Global Warming! There Are Differing Expert Opinions As To What Causes Global Warming.


Above: photograph by Alan Shapiro

Both the African and Indian Bangle Tiger and White Tiger are Endanger of Becoming Extinct. 
Though the Tiger is Being Hunted To Death, Poachers Still Persist!


Above: Top Tiger Photograph by Alana Shapiro 

Above: Tigers Need Wilderness Areas To Roam-Hunt-Raise Their Young! We Are a Society which is Quickly Destroying Our Forests and Wilderness Areas worldwide.  National And State Parks and Animal Sanctuaries are the last refuge for Man And Beast! We Need to Reforest our Forests-Rain Forests-Wilderness Areas-National-State-County-City Parks nationwide-worldwide. Mother Nature is very helpful to human beings and offers a healing environment when used wisely. Animals are dangerous and should be civilized by the good gnome insert. Then they shall cooperate much with human beings, who likewise require the good gnome.

Though, we will build very tall and perfect buildings to house and employ and educate and entertain and provide for ourselves, we shall continue the imperfect beauty of our lives as well, all woven into our infinite American Way of Life, as depicted below.

above: photograph by Ed King 

Below: Seattle - Washington  At Night!

Below: New York City-Manhattan Brownstone Neighborhood


Below: This wonderfully unpredictable world is complex and that keeps life interesting.  We lovingly pursue our cultural identity!


Below: We marry and build families filled with hope while knowing there will be some sadness

Above/Below: Marriage Ceremonies are varied but increased personal fulfillment with marital bliss is most desired in our very active and demanding society!

Pinned Image

Below: The White Christian European Descent Race within the socioeconomic democracy of the United States of America achieved what no other race nor country ever achieved, we built an International Space Station!

Second American Manned Orbital Flight - Mercury-Atlas 7 -Aurora 7 - On May 24-1962 
with USA NASA Astronaut M. Scott Carpenter

Carpenter's Flight


Below: In the early/mid 1960's the White Christian European Descent United States Citizens were the first and only country and race to land and walk the Moon!

Below: December 1903 - First Flight In A Powered and Controlled Aircraft - The Invention of 'The Airplane' (aka Biplane) By: The Wright Brothers, United States Citizens 

After the Wright Brothers Flight, other more strenuous flights occurred, i.e. USA's Charles Lindbergh's solo Transatlantic Flight in 1927 and the 1928 Charles Kingsford Smith's Transpacific Flight 

Below: The Zeppelin Derigible Was Manufactured By The Zeppelin Company of Germany

Above: The Hindenburg at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in 1936

Below: Standard Infrastructure - A Tug Boat Steering A Commercial Ship Through Waterway

Below: It was Richard Trevithick (April 13-171-April22-1833 Born/Died: England-Great Britain) a White Christian European Descent Male Inventor-Mining Engineer who created the Steam Engine (Locomotive and Rail) and first tested it in 'Merthyr Tydfil' in Wales in 1804. The Steam Engine Locomotive and Rail was later replaced with the High Speed 1900 Electric Locomotive and Rail such as Cross Country Amtrak Locomotive Trains and Inner City Subway Trains, now becoming replaced with even Higher Speed Locomotive and Rail 

Above: photograph by Stuart Bosley

Below: The High Speed Locomotive and Rail Connects Milan-Rome-Naples - Italy Reaches a Top Speed of 186 miles per hour!

      Above: NTV High Speed Locomotive and Rail borrows its style from Ferrari

Photographs Below: Although, the White Christian European Descent Race invented all VEHICLES of any kind, the First Steam Engine Powered Vehicle, was a Toy Model, and it was designed in 1672 by a Flemish Jesuit Missionary named 'Ferdinand Verbiest' for the son of China's King.  This Jesuits' work would be followed by more aggressive French and German Engine Inventors with VISION for its Socioeconomic Exploitation as a Means for Mass Transportation Infinitely!  In 1769, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot designed the first 'self propelled mechanical vehicle' or 'automobile' via a steam powered engine.  And in 1807, two other French Engine Inventors named Nicephore Niepce and his brother Claude designed the first 'combustion engine' (named: Pyreolophore) installed in a boat on the River Saone France. Simultaneously, in 1807, Swiss Inventor Francois Isaac de Rivaz designed his own 'de Rivaz combustion engine' and used it to develop the world's First Vehicle powered by such an engine. In November 1881, a French Engine Inventor named Gustave Trouve invented a '3 wheeled automobile powered by electricity' and he displayed his invention at the 'International Exposition in Paris-France.'   In 1877, the first design for an American Automobile with a gasoline internal combustion engine was created by a United States Citizen from Rochester New York named George Selden who invented a '2/two stroke gasoline combustion engine.'  However, due to not immediately building his engine, George Seldens' patent application expired.  Therefore a patent was not issued to George Selden until 1895 (US Patent 549, 160).  However, George Seldens' patent was later challenged by Henry Ford, and others and overturned in 1911.  In 1893 the first running, gasoline powered America Car was built and road tested by Duryea Brothers of Springfield Mass.  Though, the most aggressive Engineer Inventors were the German Engineers such as Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Mayback, and Siegfried Marcus), another aggressive German Engineer Inventor who became a Mass Automobile Manufacturer was 'Karl Benz' and he is widely accepted as the Inventor of the First Modern Automobile!  In 1885, Karl Benz invented the 'Four Stroke Cycle Gasoline Engine' and the 'Motorwagen.'  And Karl Benz invented a 'Combustion Engine' called a Boxermotor in 1896.  Along with other inventions/designs Karl Benz obtained his patent in 1888 and commenced manufacturing and selling his automobiles from Mannheim Germany.   In 1890, Emile Levasser and Armand Peugeot of France began producing vehicles with Germany's 'Daimler Engines.'  Englands' Engineer Inventors failed to offer a more competitive vehicular engine, and England was forced to rely the right to use 'Daimler Engines' when Harry J. Lawson founded the Daimler Motor Company in 1896, and commenced automobile production one year later, in 1897!  In 1893, another German Engineer by the name of Rudolph Diesel was granted a patent for, 'A New Rational Combustion Engine' later built in 1897.  In 1821, in the United States of America, US Citizen and Entrepreneur Thomas Blanchard commenced assembly line mass manufacturing with exchangeable parts espoused by Marc Isambard Brunel from the Portsmouth Block Mills in England back in 1802.  In 1902, fellow US Citizen and Entrepreneur Ransom Olds commenced and expanded the assembly line with interchangeable parts mass manufacturing of his automobiles from the Oldsmobile Springfield Mass Armory in Springfield Mass.  In 1914, fellow Entrepreneur and United States Citizen Henry Ford further expanded and capitalized on previous success in the automobile engineering and mass consumer manufacturing and sales in the United States of America! (Source - Wikipedia)

Below: Benz Motorwagen For Which A Patent Was Issued
Right Botttom: Photograph of Karl Benz
All Auto/Car Related photographs by wikipedia


Ranson Olds - Oldsmobile Company of America

Below: Henry Ford - Ford Company's Model T - A Very Popular Design!

File:Late model Ford Model T.jpg
Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company                                

Below: German Engineering - The Electric Car!
The Volkswagen (aka 'The People's Car' ) 
Now Being Tested At California's Standord University For Robotics/Hands Off Engineering Available by 2020! 

File:Hands-free Driving.jpg

Below: New York City (Manhattan) Stockmarket - We Buy & Sell Stocks in Companies worldwide!

Below: New York City (Manhattan) Stock Exchange - Stockmarket - A-typical Pillow Fight!

Above: photograph by Michael Yang

Below: Olympic Stadium - Berlin, Germany

Above: The Great Greek Civilization before the Time of Jesus Christ, Gave The World 'The Olympic Games' A Friendly and Honorable Competition celebrated every four years!

Below: And another World Competition - The World Cup with  Norways' Marif Bjoergen competing for the 2011 World Cup in Oslo Norway!

photograph by Kyree Lien

Below: We in many ways compete, we build skyscraper buildings, then we diligently work in those buildings, and we often work long hours, in large cities and in small cities to survive and provide for the betterment of our lives

Above: New York City (Island of Manhattan)

Above: Building In Canada

Our Historical Beloved Ally France Gifted The United States At New York 'The Statue of Liberty'

Below: IFLE Tower - Paris France - A Monument Of Distinction and Source of Architectural and National Pride for the French!



  Above: photograph by guillame

We create many forms of music, participate in the serious study, appreciation and performance of the finest music such as master classical musicians 
Below: Bogdan Czapiewski Chopin Concert Lazienkikrolewskie Park, Warsaw Poland

above photograph by Piotr Bakal

Below: Sidney Opera House - Sidney Australia

Below: Many of us, like to fish, some of us, talk to the fish!

Below: Being so active, we often replenish our spiritual selves by seeking out the beauty and solitude of nature and ourselves through boating. As per world history, the White Christian European Descent Race captured control of the seven seas and the world in the early years of civilized human development socioeconomically infra structuring the world with an entrepreneurial democracy!  

We Create And Build Amusement Parks Along The Los Angeles - California Coastline For Entertainment

For the past twenty years or so, inner city children have been  enjoying skateboarding

So We Erect A Skate Board Park To Please Them!

Our Children Also Enjoy Sailboating!

Sometimes, our children play alone...

Sometimes, too often, our children feel lost and alone, they become lonely, they feel lonely and become depressed when overwhelmed with problems...including fear

                  photograph by Alexander Kesselaar

Amongst a crowd of people, sometimes and too often, our children are alone, even lonely, lost and lonely...

Who are we?...Life...We are Life...Please Care about Life...It's about Life Extension!
Support and Vote for Silvia Stagg!
Silvia Stagg For President 2011-2032!
Republican or Democratic Candidate...until we get there!

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